Terms & Conditions

You understand and agree to all of the following: You are purchasing a machine embroidery design and not the finished item or an iron on patch. You must have an embroidery machine to make what you have purchased--unless the web page clearly states what you are purchasing is a sewing pattern. All of the items you purchased will be delivered via instant download in the form of a zip file and will not be mailed or e-mailed to you. If an e-check payment is made there will be a delay, of up to 5 business days, in receiving the designs. Due to the digital nature of our products that all sales are final. No exceptions. Coupon codes, discounts, special offers and free with purchase promotions (automatically added to your shopping basket) must be used at time of purchase and show in your shopping basket upon checkout as they cannot be applied to your order after a purchase is made.
©2007 LEGAL NOTICE, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All designs are Copyrighted and treated as software. Purchase of DigiStitches LLC designs is a license to use our designs, however DigiStitches LLC retains all ownership of designs and the contents of the design file. This license does not allow duplication in any form.

Any form of sharing, loaning, copying, duplicating, re-selling or any other transfer of our design (s), derivative design (s) and/ or artwork (s), derivative artwork (s) whether purchased or a free design, is strictly prohibited. This means the license is for ONE person only and this license is non-transferable. You CAN NOT loan or share the design (s), derivative design (s) and/ or artwork (s), derivative artwork (s) with your friends, family or production employees or share said anywhere including but not limited to file sharing web site (s), forums, private or public Facebook groups and pages and/ or Dropboxes. User accounts and their passwords are NOT to be shared. Anyone not adhering to these policies can expect to hear from our legal staff and their accounts will be, immediately and permanently, suspended, and the license to use DigiStitches LLC designs will be, immediately and permanently, revoked.

You MAY combine our design (s) with fonts. You MAY NOT combine our design with design (s) and/ or pieces and/ or parts of other design (s) to create a derivative design. You MAY NOT use our designs and/ or derivative designs to create SVG files or any other type (s) of files for heat press and/ or any other type of decoration, including but not limited to apparel. This means the license you are purchasing is limited to embroidery only.

We cannot guarantee the integrity of a stitch out if any alteration is made to the design (including rotating, editing and/or resizing).

Only the original purchaser is allowed to use the design/ pattern on items for personal use, items for gifting, or selling of those items in limited quantities (300 items or less). If you sell/ and or make with our designs you assume any and all all liability for the selling of the item.

If you sell an item you make with any of our designs a link to our web site www.DigiStitches.com is appreciated but not necessary. We would also appreciate it, if you would post that the design is copyrighted.

You are more than welcome to use our freebie designs on items that you sell.

You are more than welcome to teach an embroidery class using our design (s). Please be aware that each student will need to purchase the design, or in the case of a free design, each student will need to come to the web site and download the design. Copies of designs are strictly prohibited.

No other permission is given either in writing, expressed or implied.

All Sales are final. Any defective file (s) will be replaced.

Mistakes happen. Our website is technical and occasionally, through user error and/ or a glitch we make pricing errors. If a discount deal is too good to be true it probablly is a pricing error or a glitch. We reserve the right to cancel orders, refund monies and correct pricing errors/ glitches on our website as well as in our newsletter, regardless of the reason for the error.

All photos and descriptions of designs on the web site are copyrighted and are the property of  DigiStitches LLC. On 7.21.2011 our terms and conditions were updated to read: Included with your purchase of a design, you are given a limited license to use our photos  to promote the products you sell. Photos may not be altered in any way. The DigiStitches watermark as well as the frame must be left intact on all photos. Please do not add your logo to our photos. A link to or mention that the design is from
www.DigiStitches.com is appreciated but not necessary. We will go by the honor system that the stipulation, you have to purchase the design to use the photo, is adhered to. Those not adhering to that stipulation will loose their seat on the "gravy train" and can expect to have their accounts suspended, without warning, and a $50 re-activation fee will apply. No exceptions.

Please note: I occasionally publish  customers photos on my web site. You MAY NOT use my customer's photos to promote the items you are selling. No exceptions.
The download links in your customer account *NEVER* expire, however  please be advised that if the website becomes unavalable, either by temporary or permanent means, the download links will cease to be available.

DigiStitches LLC may at any time, without notice to you, change or update this copyright/ terms and conditions. Purchasing a design is an acknowledgement that you agree with these terms and conditions. For the most update copyright please refer to this page.