Important information for receiving emails:
If you have an Ameritech, AT&T, Bellsouth or GMail email address: these Internet providers have unusually high security settings for emails.  Please make sure you add jennilee@digistitches.com to your list of approved senders/ contacts. If you have sent an email to me and I have not responded, please check your SPAM email folder. If you don't find my email in your SPAM folder then please contact your Internet provider to see why they are blocking emails you want to receive.
1. I have a question or concern, when can I expect an answer?
Your question and concerns are very important to us. We have a full time staff member who answers all emails as quickly as possible. Please allow 24-48 hours (not including weekends or holidays) to respond to your email. Response times may be longer during sales and during promotional offers. If you have an urgent need, please use Urgent as the subject line. Please refrain from sending multiple emails regarding the same question.
Please note: We cannot offer assistance to any customer who has disputed a transaction via PayPal or their credit card company. If you would like assistance, please cancel the disupute and
click here to Contact us.
2. How are my designs delivered?
We have instant download for instant gratification. Please see below for our **e-check policy.
There are three ways to download your order:

1. Once your payment is received you will be immediately redirected back to the web site. The order summary will be displayed with download links to designs under the design name.

2. You may also click on "My Account", click on "Order History" and click on the order # you would like to download. You will see download links under the design name.

3. Additionally an email will be sent with download links to the designs-- you will need to be signed into our website for the download links to work. If you don't receive an email from us please check your spam box and be sure you have  jennilee@digistitches.com  added to your list of approved senders/ contacts.

If you are not seeing clickable links in your email, or you experience errors with the links provided in the email please download your order from "My Account".

**E-check policy: We offer instant download to all orders except for those paid with an e-check. Paypal's policy is to place a hold on all orders/ download links until the funds clear out of your bank account and are deposited into the DigiStitches account. This may take up to 4 business days.

If you need immediate access to design download links you will need to choose one of the instant payment options from PayPal or our credit card processor:

1. At checkout choose payment via PayPal: Instant payment: Pay with a PayPal balance: download links are sent immediately.

2. At checkoiut choose payment via credit card or PayPal: Instant payment: Pay with a **credit card: download links are sent immediately.

**Please note that if your credit card expires PayPal will automatically default your payment to an e-check. To update your credit card information at PayPal, please visit their website, log in and  choose Profile, My Money, Update card. If you need help with updating your card or with your payment options please contact PayPal.

3. Can you put the designs on a CD and mail them to me?
At this time, we do not offer this service.

4. Order Status Definitions:

  • **Pending: Order has been placed, however our web site is still awaiting payment to be received. The payment process takes just seconds to complete, so if your order has a pending status it can also mean that the payment method you've chosen has failed or that you've chosen to pay with an e-check.
  • Processing: Order has been placed and payment has been received. Your designs are ready to be downloaded.
  • Completed: Order has been placed, payment has been made and designs have been downloaded.
  • Canceled: Order has been placed, payment was not made and therefore, order is canceled.
  • Not Finished: Order has been placed, however the payment process was not completed.
  • Failed: Order has been placed, however your payment method failed.

**If the order status is pending and you have confirmed payment at PayPal: We apologize! Occassionally an order does not process the way it should. Please Contact Us with the name on your DigiStitches account, your Digistitches account's email address and the email address on your Paypal account (if different from the email address on the DigiStitches account).

5. Does the web site let me know if I've already purchased a design:
Yes! You will need to be signed in to use this feature. On every design page and every category page, if the design is in your Order History you will see:
You have already ordered this product!
 6. I've purchased the same design twice, can I get a refund?
We are more than happy to issue you a store credit for your duplicate purchase as long as you contact us within 60 days from the date of the duplicate purchase and provide us with the order #'s from both purchases. If your duplicate purchase is past 60 days no refunds will be made.
7. How can I view and/ or download my previous purchases?
To view and download all of your previous orders and/ or instructions:
1. Log into the website with your email and password.
2. Click on My Account.
3. Click on the Order History tab.
4. Optional: limit the search by a range of dates or type in key words to find a design. Or leave the search box blank to display all orders.
5. Click on the Search button each order will be displayed. Simply click on an order number, then scroll down a bit and you will see the download links.
8. I can't find the instructions in my design file:

Instructions are included in all of our design files, please look for them in the sub folder named "Copyrights and Instructions". If you don't see them in the design file it may be that you are viewing the design file in your embroidery software. Embroidery software only recognizes design files and sometimes JPEGS. It won't recognize the instructions that are in a PDF format. Close out of your embroidery software and open the file on your computer. Please make sure you don't delete the Copyrights and Instructions file if you delete the extra formats contained in a multi format file. If you've deleted or lost your instructions, please re-download the design file from Your Account/ Order History, as we can not email PDF files.
 If you are having trouble printing or viewing the PDF instructions: You may need to update your Adobe Reader. Here is the link to the FREE Adobe reader download : http://www.adobe.com/products/reader/
If you've tried all of the above and still can't find the instructions, make sure when you unzip or Extract All that you choose to unzip/ extract all into the same file.
9. What if I don't see my format listed as an option? 
If you do not own conversion software, Wilcom  offers FREE conversion software. You can find the software on their web site:
Converting designs is easy, so don't be afraid to try it.

We will also be more than happy to convert the designs for you, although it may take us a few days to process your request and upload the files to the web site. Here are the formats we offer: ART/DST/EXP/HUS/JEF/JEF+/PES/VIP/VP3/XXX.
10. I'm having problems downloading the freebie designs:
You will need to register for an account with us to download free designs and free tutorials. Click here to register as a customer.
Once you've completed registration, simply add the free design (s) or free tutorial (s) to your shopping basket, proceed to check out and sign in with your user name and password. Processing your free order takes just a few seconds and you will be redirected to a page where you can download the free designs.
11. My gift card isn't working:
Please make sure there is a balance of monies on your gift card.
If you are receiving an error message that says your gift card has expired: Please make sure you are on the check out page, scroll down to the bottom and choose the payment method "Gift Card". Next enter your gift card # into the box.

12. I forgot my password! OR I need to change my password:
Click here to reset your password. Please enter your valid email address (the one you used for registration), your account information will be mailed to you shortly. You will need to click on the link that is in the email to log in. If you do not see a link, copy and paste the URL into your web browser.
Need to change your password? Please click here to change your password.
13. If the web site is not recognizing your email address:
If the web site is not recognizing your email address it usually means one of three things:
  • You have signed up for the newsletter but have not registered as a customer. If you haven't registered as a customer you can't log in and the web site will not recognize your email address. You can easily register as a customer upon check out and you can choose a password at that time. You can also register by clicking on the word Register. You used a different email address to register your account. Perhaps you used a Yahoo or Gmail account?
  • If you are signing in on the check out page: look on the right hand side for returning customers and log in there. Your billing information will automatically fill in. If you'd like to change it, you can do so, however DO NOT enter your email address/ confirm email address on the billing side or the website think you are registering as a new customer and will flash a "user already exists warning".
  • You "might" be confusing my web site with another web site, so perhaps you think you have registered as a customer but you haven't. Contact Us if you have any questions or need help finding your account. To find your account, it helps to know your first and last name as well as your address.

14. I am receiving a "User Already Exists" warning on the check out page:

If you are signing in on the check out page: On the check out page look for the lock, then look on the right hand side for returning customers and log in there. Once logged in your billing information will appear on the form. DO NOT log in by filling the information in under billing first, as the website will think you are registering as a new customer and will flash a "user already exists warning".
15. Something is "wonky" with my design files. What should I do?
Sometimes converting files and downloading files causes the files to become "wonky" or corrupt. Delete the corrupted file from your computer, then simply click on My Account , search for the order and re-download the design file.
16. I ordered the wrong format:
For your convieninece your purchases include download links to all of the formats. Simply sign into the website, click on My Account and "Order History". Perform a search for all dates, a limited range of dates or a keyword contained in the design name. Once you click on search all orders numbers with your search parameters will display. Click on any order number and the download links can be found underneath the name of the design. Once the link is clicked you will be provided with download links to all of the formats in which the design is offered.
17. Refunds: 

Due to the electronic nature of the designs, we can not offer refunds. No exceptions. Please pay attention to the design set you are ordering as you get several chances to review your order and make sure it is correct before a payment is made. It is your responsibility to know if the design will fit inside your hoop. If you resize the design to fit your hoop we can not guarantee a quality stitch out. Please pay attention that these are machine embroidery designs and NOT the finished product for sale, so you will need to have an embroidery machine to use the designs and make the products you see on the web site.

*For questions regarding refunds on duplicate purchases, please see Question 6.

18. If you've ordered the wrong format:
Simply click on My Account , search for the order and download the format you need at no additional cost.
19. My computer crashed....my designs are gonzo!
No worries! Your download links **never expire. Simply click on My Account to download all of your previous orders free of charge.

 **Please note: I do occasionally retire designs. Retired design download links can not be reset or resent. No exceptions.  Retired designs are removed not only from the web site but also from your order history.

 **We reserve the right to suspend user accounts at our discretion. If the user account is suspended the customer will no longer be able to access their account to download previous purchases.
**If a customer has a chargeback, meaning an order is placed and paid for, then the funding bank or PayPal reverses the payment, the customer's account will be suspended. The customer will no longer be able to sign into their account, place orders or download previous orders. A $35 re-activation fee will apply as well as the amount of the order that was placed and any other bank or PayPal fees associated with the chargeback. The account will not be reactivated unless this payment is made. No exceptions.
*Never* expire means your download links will never expire as long as Digistitches is actively doing business as a web site provider of machine embroidery designs and sewing patterns and you are actively a customer. We reserve the right to change the terms of this offer as determined by us.
20. I make items to sell. Can I sell items made from DigiStitches designs?
Yes, you sure can. Please click on the "Help" button  or click here to review our Terms and Conditions.
21. Can I use your photos to sell my items?
Yes, you sure can. Please click on the "Help" button or click here to review our Terms and Conditions.
22. Can I use the descriptions on your web site to sell my items?
The item descriptions on my web site are copyrighted and can not be used to sell items that you make. It's more fun to come up with your own descriptions anyway. ;)
23. Do you offer custom digitizing?
At this time we do not offer custom digitizing such as logos. If you have a design idea that you think would appeal to our customers please Contact Us.
24. Do you manually punch your designs? Do you have good quality designs?
Yes we do. Manually punching each design allows us to eliminate unnecessary jump stitches, add special underlays to help stabilize the design and gives us more control over how the design will stitch out. Yes, it takes a little longer than auto-digitizing, but we think it is worth the wait.  We test stitch every design (including in the hoop projects) to make sure the design is perfect for your needlecraft treasure. We also show an actual, close up, stitch out of our designs so you can see the quality of the stitching. Customers have added testimonials to our testimonials page to let us know that our designs stitch out beautifully.
25. Can I buy just one design (or 2 or 3) designs from a set? 
We do not sell designs as singles when they are packaged as a set. This allows for a more efficient production time when organizing and converting files, zipping files, uploading them to the website and building web pages. The cost of producing and offering single designs is more expensive than the cost of producing them as a set and that is why we offer designs sets only. Thanks for understanding.
26. When is the next sale?
Any time a new design is added to our web site, it will be on Introductory Pricing (which is usually about half of what the design regularly sells for). Be sure and sign up for the newsletter to receive advance notice of sales and newsletter member only coupons.
Please note: gift card purchases are excluded from all sales.
27. Where can I find a coupon code?
Sign up for the newsletter to get up to the minute updates on new designs, freebies and sales. We also send out special coupon codes only available to those who are receiving the newsletter.
Please note: coupon codes are not valid on the purchase of gift certificates. Coupon codes are not valid on previous purchases. One coupon code per order, unless stated otherwise. Coupon codes must be used at the time of purchase.
Update: We will be discontinuing all magazine coupon codes as of January 31, 2012. All coupons will now be offered through the newsletter and our Facebook page only.
28. If the coupon code you are using says it is not valid:

Coupon codes can not be combined with other coupon codes or discounts. Coupons may not be valid during site wide sales. Some coupons are one per customer. Make sure the coupon code has not expired. Our web site is set up on Eastern Standard Time so that means all coupons expire on the published date at midnight Eastern Standard Time unless stated otherwise. Coupon may not be used on the purchase of gift cards. Need help? Please Contact Us.
Update: We will be discontinuing all magazine coupon codes on January 31, 2012. All coupon codes will now be offered through the newsletter and our Facebook page only.
29. I forgot to enter the coupon code on my order: 
Coupon codes must be used at time of purchase. As we cannot issue refunds, please be sure your shopping cart displays the correct total PRIOR to placing the order.
30. I didn't get the free font promtions added to my order:
Free font promos are added to your shopping cart automatically. If you DO NOT see the free font promos in your shopping cart, DO NOT check out as the offers WILL NOT be added to your order after the purchase is made. Please check the expiration date and minumum purchase requirements of all offers prior to placing your order and prior to contacting us.
31. The sale prices are not reflected in my shopping basket:
Sale prices are reflected in your shopping cart automatically, unless it is specified that a coupon code is required. Please note that all sale price discounts are taken from regular prices, unless stated otherwise. If you DO NOT see the sale prices in your shopping cart, DO NOT check out as the sale price discount WILL NOT be added to your order after the purchase is made.
32. MIstakes happen....
Hey, mistakes happen. Our website is technical and occassionally, through user error and/ or a glitch we make pricing errors. If a discount deal is too good to be true it probablly is a pricing error or a glitch. We reserve the right to cancel orders, refund monies and correct pricing errors/ glitches on our website as well as in our newsletter, regardless of the reason for the error.

33. For some reason I am not receiving your newsletters or emails. Can you help?

Please add the following email address to your contacts or approved senders list: jennilee@digistitches.com 

If you signed up for the newsletter you should be receiving it, so you may want to check for it in  the SPAM folder of your email. If you find and email from me in the SPAM folder, right click on it and choose "Add to contacts" or "Add to approved senders list".
Your security settings may be set too high, which can lead to blocked emails or emails going into your spam folder.

You might also contact your Internet service provider and let them know that they are blocking emails and newsletters you want to receive. If you phone them, they will be able to get my emails to your inbox.

34. Where do you purchase the t-shirts you show on your website?

We purchase all of our shirts from www.Monag.com. We love their quality and their prices. We find the shirts labeled as 6.0-6.5 ounce to be the best for embroidery. Be sure to set up a wholesale account as the prices are much less expensive that way.


35. I did not find the answer to my question:
Please Contact Us and we will be more than happy to help you.
Thank you for visiting www.DigiStitches.com