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Easy Zipper Bags 2 In The Hoop Easy Zipper Bags 2 In The Hoop Easy Zipper Bags 2 In The Hoop Easy Zipper Bags 2 In The Hoop Easy Zipper Bags 2 In The Hoop Easy Zipper Bags Make Up Bag In The Hoop
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Easy Zipper Bags 2 In The Hoop

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Our NEW easy zipper bags feature completely lined insides with seamed edges! And yes! They are still made in just one hooping!

6 sizes included:

4x4, 5x7, 6x10, 7x12, 8x12, 8x14

Please see the detailed description below for additional design information.



Easy Zipper Bags 2

...our NEW easy zipper bags feature a completely lined inside with seamed edges! And yes! They are still made in just one hooping!

Included are 6 sizes from mini to extra, extra large!
(4x4, 5x7, 6x10, 7x12, 8x12 and 8x14)

Even if you flunked "Inserting Zippers 101", you will find them easy once you do them on an embroidery machine. Even if you've never tried an in the hoop project before, you'll find making this bag is easy! Our many testers (from beginners to pros) agreed!

I think those of you who make totes will find these are a perfect addition to your tote lineup as everything you make can be matchy-matchy. :)

What kind of stuff will you store in your Easy Zipper Bags? Make-up, sewing tools and notions?

I bet you can think of all kinds of things to stuff in your Easy Zipper Bags.

 How about using the 4x4 size as a change purse? Yes! Credit cards will fit inside the 4x4 bag!

Or to hold the disposable bags that come on a roll for putting stinky diapers and messy bibs in.

It holds rolls of doggy doo-ty bags too. :)

The 6x10 size (shown above) makes a great make up bag. The 5x7 bag turns into a wristlet, with the addition of a key fob. (key fob design is a separate purchase)

Now you know once you make one and someone sees it, more than likely a daughter or a friend but perhaps a total stranger, will want one you might as well make a few of them. And since they are so easy to make you won't mind...they make quick and easy gifts too. :)

Design Info:

All 6 sizes are included with your purchase (4x4, 5x7, 6x10, 7x12, 8x12, 8x14)!

This design is made completely in the hoop with no additional sewing required. The Easy Zipper Bag 2 is lined (with seamed edges/ NO raw edges) so it looks pretty on the inside too. Finished size is approximately 1/2 of an inch smaller than the actual design size.

4x4 design: Actual design size: 3.91 inches by 3.91 inches; SC: 1478.

5x7: Actual design size: 4.84 inches by 6.85 inches; SC: 1988.

6x10: Actual design size: 5.80 inches by 9.38 inches; SC: 2602. YES, this design fits the HUS 6x10 hoop.
7x12: Actual design size: 6.85 inches by 11.70 inches; SC: 3199.
8x12: Actual design size: 7.70 inches by 11.70 inches; SC: 3276.
8x14: Actual design size: 7.70 inches by 13.95 inches; SC: 3748.
The Easy Zipper Bags 2 are really easy to make, so don't let that zipper bother you at all! There is NO stitching over metal parts on the zipper.

As always, step by step instructions and helpful how to photo pages are included.

August 2012
I loooove the 4 x 4 easy zipper bag. It is my number 1 best seller at craft fairs. It is sturdy and looks so professional with the finished inside seams.

August 2012
I make a point of making several of the 4x4 size zipper cases because they are perfect for Pacifiers to be held in along with some people using them for lipstick/chapstick holders. I also had someone use it as a medicine pill case holder. They put the little pill case in it and attached it to their keys so they always had it available to them!

August 2012
 I lOVE your zipper bags, I make them with an extra clear pocket for ID badges and add a neck strap all in the hoop! I also make the bigger ones with a wrist strap and a key fob attached. LOVE your attention to detail



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