DigiStitches Goes To New York City

I thought you might enjoy a few photos of my recent trip to New York City:

Here we are in Times Square--at 11:30pm (waaay past my bedtime)!

Check out that Digistitches billboard! (Just kidding! I Photoshopped that billboard for fun...lol)

I was amazed at the amount of free artwork available on just about every corner! :)

Okay, seriously???

I think New York City is the "Horn Honking Capital" of the world.

Yes, that NYC cab has a DigiStitches mini billboard on top it. It was nice of him to stop just long enough to have his photo taken. ;)


This store in SOHO has antique sewing machines stacked in their windows. It was beyond cool!

Another photo of the antique sewing machines.

Same store with a view of the window and another display made out of antique spools.

A storefront window.


Here we are in Central Park.

(L to R: Mr. Wappy Hands, my son Bobby, Bobby's girlfriend, my husband Bob, my daughter Amy, Amy's boyfriend)

Jennilee is not pictured as someone had to take the photo...

Here's my daughter Amy with her boyfriend (and Mr. Wappy Hands) in front of Harry Winston's Jewelry Store.

Do you think he got the hint?

Here's Mr. Wappy Hands, Bobby and Bobby's girlfriend at FAO Schwarz.

Lolly Dolly at The Plaza Hotel.

On Sunday we headed to Hoboken, New Jersey.

Who knew that North New Jersey was the "Embroidery Capital of the World" and since 1872?

Bobby and his girlfriend in Hoboken, New Jersey in Front of Carlos "The Cake Boss" Bakery.

Bobby is on the phone letting my husband know the line to get in the door is 2-3 hours long. Luckily we ordered a cake, so we didn't have to stand in line. There's a tip for you in case you ever visit Buddy.

Mr. Wappy Hands and Mr. DigiStitches on the subway.

 Okay, that's all the photos for now. :)