Applique Getaway

Limiting thread colors to increase production time:

One of the segments of the class we taught at the 2013 Applique Getaway in Frisco, Texas was limiting thread colors. To maximize production time try to limit thread colors to a minimum of 25
and a maximum of 40. If you offer more colors you will find your customer having difficulties making a decision. You might also find yourself taking extra time looking for an exact match to the
applique fabric you are using. An exact thread match to fabric color is often elusive and as long as it's about the same color, in about the same tone you will find it looks as good as an exact match. Limiting thread colors also makes it easier to organize, stock and re-order and I can't begin to tell you how refreshing that feels!

If you have a customer that needs a specific thread color you can order it for them and then upcharge their bill. That way you aren't stuck with the cost of a spool of mustard yellow thread in which you have no future use. When their order is packaged be sure to send along the spool of thread, which they can provide to you if ever again needed.

Here are the DigiStitches top 32 colors for Machine Embroidery:

*The thread storage case is made by OESD and holds 30 thread colors.

Isacord 40 weight polyester embroidery thread:

(click here for a printable PDF file)

White: 0010
Eggshell: 0101
Black: 0020
Saturn Grey: 0182
Smoke: 0131
Daffodil: 0520
Yellow: 0310

Shamrock Green: 5411
Green: 5740
Bright Mint:5610
or Pear:5531
Apricot: 1220
Tangerine: 1300
Poppy: 1703
Candy Apple: 1704
Carnation: 2363
Rose: 2530
Aura: 2655
Dawn Of Violet: 3130
Wild Iris: 2830
Island Waters: 4430
Lake Blue: 3640
Cadet Blue: 3331
Imperial Blue: 3622
Delft: 3323
Ivory: 1172
Tan: 1141
Penny: 1154
Pine Bark: 0945
Chocolate: 1876

The DigiStitches class attendees learned this and a lot more at the Appliqué Getaway in Frisco, Texas. We hope to see you there next year! :)

Do you think packaging matters?

Let's face it, there are A LOT of places to buy an appliqué shirt, from big discount stores to numerous online retailers. Why should a customer buy from your business? How can you let them know that your product is special?

A discount retailer will place your purchase in a plastic shopping bag and hand it to you. A high end retailer carefully folds and wraps your purchase in tissue paper, seals it with a glossy label, places it in a high quality shopping bag with their logo and walks around the counter to present it to you.

Which method of packaging feels more special to you?

It's important to brand your product and set it above the competition. Each item in the bag is an important representation of your business. From Teresa's idea of an inexpensive "surprise gift" to the Digistitches business card with "To: and From" on the reverse side, make sure your packaging brands your product in a unique and special way. What will your packaging look like? Can you think of a "surprise gift" that reminds your customer of you every time they see it? Believe me, your customers will feel very special when they receive your nicely presented package. In fact, the next time they need to purchase a baby gift or birthday gift, not only for themselves but for friends and family, they'll be sure to order a t-shirt from you and have it shipped directly to the gift recipient. They'll be assured that it will be thoughtfully packaged and that will make the "birthday boy" feel special too. The gift recipient will now have your "gift tag" business card in hand for when they need to order a special gift for their own friends and family.

Creative and clever packaging matters, in fact, big retailers spend millions of dollars on it as it creates loyal customers. Luckily, the packaging shown here costs less than $1.25. The size 9x12 double drawstring bag is 08 cents at U-Line. Crinkle paper or tissue paper is just a few cents. Pens with your logo can be purchased for as low as 13 cents each at 4Imprint. The 2 inch smiley face ball is about 50 cents, although different types of toys can be purchased for less. Business card, 11 cents and glossy "Look What I Got From DigiStitches" labels 17 cents (both ordered from, artwork design not included in price).

Knowing that your customers feel your products are very special and above the competition is priceless.

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