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Meet Jennilee


 As a young girl I loved to visit my grandmother, who lived just a short distance from me. My grandmother was a professional seamstress; she designed wedding gowns but my favorite creations were the costumes she designed for the local ballet. My curiosity, wonder and excitement lead me to sketches of Snow White, Cinderella and the Sugar Plum Fairy which I could look at for hours on end. The costumes were especially intriguing! The texture and pattern of the fabric, the details of the costumes were stunning---silky smooth satins and delicate lace---just beautiful! My grandmother passed her love of sewing on to me. :)

I approach design today with the same curiosity, wonder and excitement I had as a child. I can sit in my sewing room for hours on end designing, creating and stitching. I find inspiration for designs everywhere, from the way a bow is tied to the way a pattern is pieced together. I love to cut out pages of magazines and glue them into my design idea book which is overflowing with all kinds of ideas. Flipping through the pages of my design idea book I think, "How can I put that into stitches? Or my latest question: "Can that be done in the hoop?"