A Peek Inside My Sewing Room

I thought a peek inside my sewing room would be kind of fun!

 I love my sewing room! It has lots of windows and the sunlight streams through in such a beautiful way.

It's a wonderful place to dream and create.

The chalkboard comes in handy for jotting down notes, such as,

"Clean up this mess!"

 I love my sewing table. It folds up into a compact size but it usually is spread open just like you see it. It has a hydrolic lift for raising the sewing machine up and down so it is always at the perfect height for sewing...

I also have a magnetic chalkboard that is great for attaching pattern pieces, JoAnn's Coupons and a place for my hoops, templates and scissors.


My computer sits to the right of my sewing/ embroidery machine and is easily accessable with a swivel of my chair.

I really like the drawers too. Everything is right at hand.


I purchased the baskets all Walmart. They are all labeled and store things such as notions, stabilizer, and ribbon.

I love the size of this cutting table. You should see how many different kinds of fabric I can pile on top of it!

My sewing room has a closet and I've purchased clear view plastic boxes to store all of my fabric.

 I also have one of those closet organizers for storing my embroidery blanks, so they are always easy to find.  

An "over the door" shoe organizer holds my stabilizer.

 Ellie is my faithful sewing room companion. She models a lot of my creations and has a strong opinion on fabric choices. Ellie likes to pretend she knows how to knit.  

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my sewing room.